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Since 1850


Run by Bernard and Agnès Léger-Plumet

Sunset in Solutré

Sunset in Solutré

Chalet Pouilly

Chalet Pouilly

The Cellar

The Cellar

The Cellar and The Warehouse

The Cellar and The Warehouse

Bernard and Agnès Léger-Plumet
with Edouard Luzy, Vineyard manager

Bernard and Agnès Léger-Plumet with Edouard Luzy, Vineyard manager

Harvest at

Harvest at "Les Cornillauds", Saint-Véran appellation, Leynes

Ploughing at

Ploughing at "La Rousselonne", Pouilly-Fuissé appellation, Solutré-Pouilly

Edouard Luzy, Vineyard manager

Edouard Luzy, Vineyard manager

"Commissionnaire en Vins", Plumet Family

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The Plumet family has lived in Solutré Pouilly, a village in the Mâconnais region, for over a century. Living in Burgundy, a region well known for its wines, they, like most of their neighbors, nourished a strong interest and passion for wine. Since 1850, when the Plumets planted their first vine, the family wine business and viticultural expertise have been passed down from generation to generation. Over time the family grew into a mid-scale producer of white Burgundy wines that were originally sold mostly in France.

The estate's earliest documented recognition came in 1928 when Joseph and Philippine Plumet were awarded the first prize at the Mâcon wine competition for their Burgundy wine. (Indeed, at the time the Pouilly-Fuissé and Saint-Véran appellations had not yet been adopted by the government bureau Institut National des Appellations d'Origine (INAO). Pouilly-Fuissé and Saint-Véran as geographical indications appeared only in 1936 and 1971 respectively.)

Henri Plumet inherited the estate in 1950. Thanks to his hard work and passion, the estate has received a great number of awards and other achievements. That, in turn, allowed his wines to reach international markets. Two of the first were the United States of America and Japan.

In 1983 Henri Plumet passed over his estate to his daughter Marie-Agnès Plumet and her husband Bernard Léger.

Run by Dr Bernard Léger-Plumet and his wife Marie-Agnès, Domaine du Chalet Pouilly is an over-a-century-old family business that produces three 100% Chardonnay white wines: Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran and Mâcon-Solutré.


The property is located on a sun-soaked hillside overlooking the small hamlet of Pouilly in the heart of the "Pouilly-Fuissé" appellation. The soil is a limestone-based clay, ideal for producing wine in the great tradition of Burgundy. The estate currently allocates roughly two-thirds of the vineyards to cultivation of "Pouilly-Fuissé", and approximately one-third to "Saint-Véran". These vineyard are very mature and in combination with the soil produce a consistently high-quality wine. A new planting of Mâcon-Solutré has recently been undertaken, and this sought-after varietal will be available from the estate beginning in 2014.

Annual wine production is around 50 000 bottles. The average yield is 50 hectoliters per hectare. Domaine du Chalet Pouilly exports wines to countries around the world including Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Philippines, Slovenia, Tahiti, Czech Republic,Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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